The Best Boost Pedals on the Market

Best Boost Pedal

This is a guest post by Stephen Rose. 

There are times during your playing when you need a little boost. Whether it is to accentuate a solo, cut through the mix, or just add a little heat to your playing. There are a number of great boost pedals on the market and I have selected a few that will give your tone a little something extra.

The following pedals range from well-known brands to boutique ones that you may not be as familiar with. I made sure to consider features for each and include pedals with a variety of price points to cater to every level of player.

best boost pedal - boss feedbacker boosterBoss Feedbacker/Booster –This is another fantastic pedal from the Boss lineup. This pedal features the ability to have controlled feedback just by keeping your foot depressed on the pedal for as long as you want the feedback. The pedal features a “Character” knob that allows the player to set the level of boost to either a standard volume boost or some considerable feedback that would make Jimi jealous. The street price for this pedal is $79.00. View this pedal on Amazon.

best boost pedal - Catalinbread Super Chili PicosoCatalinbread Super Chili Picoso – This is the pedal that put Catalinbread on the map and they have continued to impress ever since. The Super Chili Picoso is a clean boost pedal that allows the player to set the volume level so if you have one guitar that is a low output and a high output there won’t be a volume discrepancy when switching between. This transparent pedal adds up to 35db of boost and should be a considered addition to your pedal board. The street price for this pedal is 109.99. View this pedal on Amazon.

best boost pedal - Earthquaker Devices ArrowsEarthquaker Devices Arrows – This pedal gives your sound that little something extra and improves upon the tonal palette that you have already created. It enhances the clarity of your tone and also removes any muddiness that may occur with some overdriven tones. This one like the Catalinbread, is a single knob button pedal that is easy to use and well-built. The street price for this pedal is $95.00. View this pedal on Amazon.


best boost pedal - Keeley Katana Boost Mini

Keeley Katana Boost Mini – Keeley is known for making great pedals and this one can be added to that list. The Katana Boost doesn’t alter or change your tone at all; it just makes it louder. The versatility of this pedal allows it to be placed anywhere in the signal change depending on what signal you are trying to boost. Because of it’s size, this pedal won’t take up a lot of room on your board and it is also has a single knob operation. The street price for this pedal is $119.00. View this pedal on Amazon.

best-boost-pedal---MXR-Micro-Amp-Clean-Boost-Mini-MXR Micro Amp Clean Boost Mini – Who doesn’t have a MXR pedal on their board already? This pedal is simple, reliable, and doesn’t try to do too much. It will add boost to a clean tone or overdriven amp and can work well with guitars of differing volume like the Super Chili Picoso. There’s a reason why MXR products have been the go to brand for many players during the past few decades. The street price for this pedal is $79.99. View this pedal on Amazon.

best boost pedal - TC Electronic Spark Mini BoosterTC Electronic Spark Mini Booster – Here is another well constructed mini pedal that won’t take up a lot of real estate on your board but will have a big impact. The Spark Mini Booster features a 20db boost and “Prime Time” switching that allows the player the option to have it be always on or just to boost a certain aspect of a song. The street price for this pedal is $79.00. View this pedal on Amazon.

best-boost-pedal---Way-Huge-Angry-TrollWay Huge Angry Troll – Breaking from the trend of single knob pedals, this two knob booster offers up to 50db of clean gain which is the most out of any pedal on this list. The Angry Troll features an “Anger” knob with five fists of fury that gradually increase in size to indicate the type of overdrive. I have a feeling this is a pedal that you will like when it is angry. The street price for this pedal is $119.00. View this pedal on Amazon.

It’s important when looking for pedals of any kind to find ones that won’t negatively affect your overall tone. The best boost pedal is one that is transparent and helps enhance the guitar tone you already have.

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