Stringjoy Custom Guitar Strings Review

Stringjoy-custom-guitar-and-bass-stringsThere’s a new guitar string company on the market which is modernizing the way you purchase strings. Its quick and easy, feels like you are using an app, and gives you exactly what you want. The idea is simple, you can choose custom string gauges to get the exact tone for your guitar or bass.

The Importance of String Gauges

As most of your know, you can easily go to a music shop and pick up guitar strings in packs of different thicknesses. Choices are usually extra light, light, medium, and heavy. But the sets that are sold have pre-determined gauges. Thanks to Stringjoy, you can now have a completely custom set that after some experimentation, will be perfectly tailored to your specific guitar.

I personally own two upside down stratocasters in homage to Jimi Hendrix. After researching his string gauges, I was unable to find any string sets over the years that were the exact same. So after an order with Stringjoy, I was quite interested to hear the difference with the exact gauges. The verdict: string gauges made a huge difference, even with small variations! No longer did my D string feel too heavy, and now the sound was a whole lot more balanced. I will able to get more of a Hendrix vibe with this custom gauge set. My only complaint would be that it would be nice if Stringjoy could include different string materials such as pure nickel. However, they have told us they are planning on expanding their materials in the future.

Quality of Strings

So far, I haven’t had any of the strings break. They sound great, very clear tone and seem just as good as any of the top string companies on the market.


Costs are around $10 US dollars per set. If you live in USA, shipping is free. Canada and Mexico is $6 for shipping, and $10 for every other country. Not exactly very competitive, but not bad considering you get your own custom set. I would like to see some kind of discount in the future for repeat orders.

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