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Best Compressor Pedals

Today’s article will showcase the best compressor pedals on the market. There is something about a nice compressed guitar tone that has that undeniable warmth and endless sustain. And best part is that compression pedals stack well with many other pedals such as overdrives, reverbs, etc. So lets take a look at some of the top compressor pedals other there.

Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor

The Forest Green Compressor just has great dynamics that respond beautifully to your pick attack. It gives that sparkle to your tone that makes it sound addictive. This pedal can be set lightly, so your tone still sounds very organic. If sustain is your top priority, the Forest Green has a sustain switch that really gives you endless amounts. As well, there are controls for level, compression and tone. Nice and simple, but enough leeway to shape the tone the way you want it without spending too much time tweaking. While the price may be steep ($359), there is a cheaper PCB version that many are very happy with. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Pigtronix Philosopher King

Pretty big pedal here, not for those who are looking for the pedalboard-friendly option. But it is a pretty insane pedal because the possibilities are really endless. You can have backwards guitar solos, and tremolo effects as well. With enough controls to shape EQ, you can also control sustain, compression, volume, swell, and lots more. This is really a tweaker’s dream, so if you want to have maximum flexibility on a compressor, then the Philosopher King is for you! Check it out on Amazon.

Effectrode PC-2A Compressor

If you are looking for the warmest compressor pedal out there, then the Effectrode PC-2A is your best bet. It gets its warmth from an all-analog signal path and a NOS tube. You get a very organic and full sound from this pedal. Word on the street is that David Gilmore of Pink Floyd uses one. Not the most tweakable pedal as it only has two knobs (peak reduction and gain), but it really is all you need to get such a pure and spacey tone. If it is good enough for David Gilmore, then it is good enough for you. Enough said.

Keeley C4 Compressor

Another great, organic-sounding compressor that makes sure to preserve your guitar’s original tone. Very low-noise pedal, but with lots of output on tap if you need it via the level control. Other knobs are for sustain, attack and clipping. The C4 is really a great choice as Keeley is known for studio-quality boutique pedals. If tone is your top priority, then you won’t be disappointed with this one. The C4 is winner of multiple awards, probably because it uses high-quality components and also because Robert Keeley is a perfectionist. Take a look at the reviews of this pedal on Amazon.

Well there you have it, the best compressor pedals available!

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