RMC Real McCoy Teese Picture Wah Review

I’m not gonna lie, the RMC4 Picture Wah by Geoffrey Teese is probably one of the best wah pedals on the market! Lets take a look at what this pedal has to offer..

As you can see, it has a blue sparkle encasing, with a white foot pad. Pretty cool looking if you ask me. I’ve owned this pedal for 2 years now, so lets get on to the review.

I plugged in my strat into a nice clean amp. I pressed the wah down to turn it on, and immediately I was getting some watery wah tones. In the clean mode, it is not very vocal, rather more of a funky type of vibe.

I really wanted to have the vocal-like vintage wah quack made famous by Hendrix and Clapton. Once I put my amp into overdrive, I quickly got that tone! Very vocal like, and miles ahead of any mass produced wah made today. Like any person testing out a wah, I went right into the intro of Voodoo Child. This wah definitely gets you there.

Another good application of the wah is to turn it on, leave it in a position, and just play your guitar with that tone. You can get some very bright trebly tones that work great for solos, or some really bassy, smooth tones that I’ve actually also solo’d with.

Now whats really great about the RMC Picture Wah is pairing it up with a Fuzz pedal. The Picture Wah has encorporated a buffer in order to make it work properly with a fuzz, which most wahs aren’t capable of doing. When you really crank your amp, and your fuzz,the wah can really help when trying to have controlled feedback. Very cool to play around with, as it adds another dimension to your tone.

Basically the RMC Picture Wah is an excellent pedal, and really captures some authentic vintage wah tones.

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