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Analog Man CompROSSor Review

analog man compressorThis is a guest post by Sean Murray

Today’s review will be on the Analog Man CompROSSor, which is similar to the Ross Compressor. But first, let’s look at some of the basic features:

JACKS: Right side is input – left side is output. Battery power becomes cut off when input cord is removed, unless you are plugged into the adaptor jack. This is how I use it.

SUSTAIN KNOB: Turning up the SUSTAIN knob will set your sustain and compression. Starting in 2003, Analog Man began using a reverse log potentiometer for the sustain knob just like the Ross and MXR Dynacomp pedals. Better control rains supreme with this little feature.

LEVEL KNOB: This is your volume control.

ATTACK KNOB: The typical/standard setting is to set it at 12:00. There is a notch when you turn up or back to guide you into this position. It is identical to the ROSS and Dynocomp pedals. Turning down (counter clockwise) will kill your attack more (faster attack time) so that there is not as much peak at the beginning of the notes. Or, by turning it up (clockwise) you will get even more attack than a standard ROSS. This gives a nice percussive sound without losing sustain when you are holding a note. Rule of thumb would be to turn this up if you are using humbuckers like I do, to prevent unnecessary squashing of the humbucker pickup sound. Conversely, turn it down to get softer attack.

BIAS TRIM POT: This pot is located on the left/central area of the board. It does not affect the sound except when set incorrectly. Set it to the halfway point, basically horizontal and it should work fine. You can set it more exact by turning the CompROSSor Sustain Knob up all the way. Plug in a guitar and amp. Do not play the guitar but hear the sound of the string noise being amplified fully.

I have tried other brand named compressors, but none of these really provide the rich thickness of tone, distorted, clean or otherwise, that is dealt in spades with this beast. If your desire is something along the line of a fat, warm, smoothed out tone with bottomless depth then this is the pedal you want. CompROSSor also features jaw dropping sustain and unmatched smoothing out of notes. I swear it made me a better player. How?, the fact that I feel more relaxed at the response/sound and tone I am getting, whether or not I am jumping on a note or gently sweeping across a chord. It is best used in front of any distortion or overdrive in your chain. Like all other pedals made by Analog Man, top notch care and quality go into each and every one. Hand selected transistors and a NOS CA3080E chip. Remember, when using ANY compressor, it will go full gain when you have stopped playing or are playing quietly. This is truer when your Sustain knob is cranked. Be sure to turn the pedal off so you do not broadcast noise from the pickups.

In closing, this is a wonderful effect to enhance your tone/thickness/sound. This type of quality does not exist in even brand named pedals. The availability and the price are unmatched. Mike over at Analog Man is a great resource for questions you may have when considering any of his pedals for purchase. Extremely knowledgeable and knows how to treat potentially new and repeat customers. I have been both.

Get the Analog Man 3 knob CompROSSor for your pedal chain and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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