TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Review

tc-electronic-mojo-mojo-overdrive-reviewThe world of overdrive pedals can be a little overwhelming to say the least. All this talk about tube saturation this, dual stage that, it’s hard to know where to start when picking an overdrive pedal. Which is why the TCElectronic MojoMojo Overdrive is such a refreshing take on a classic effect. All in all the MojoMojo is a true overdrive pedal in that it accurately replicates the sound of an overdriven amplifier and nothing more. Other overdrive pedals tend to add heavy distortion and color the sound thereby altering the overall tone of your setup. Not so with the MojoMojo. It offers a very straightforward effect while maintaining the tonal characteristics of your guitar and amplifier. That partnered with a compact design, intuitive interface and reasonable price and you have a great pedal to help achieve a thick, silky smooth overdrive.

The MojoMojo boasts a simple yet deep set of controls complete with:

Drive – Adjust the amount of overdrive in your signal
Bass – Adjusts the low frequency signal
Treble – Adjusts the high frequency signal
Level – Adjusts the volume of your overdrive effect
Voice Selector – Toggle between up position (true guitar signal) and down position (reduces low eq of your signal)

To summarize, this pedal is designed for players who are looking for the most straightforward gritty overdrive. It cannot reach heavily distorted or metal tones on it’s own. But if you’re looking for anything between an overdriven country twang like Brad Paisley and a heavy crunch like ACDC this pedal will be more than sufficient. Not to mention, the pedal can approach Marshall territory when partnered with an already overdriven amp. The most common application would be for solos: just click on your MojoMojo when it time to rip and then click off when it’s back to rhythm. Furthermore, a lot of the charm of this overdrive lies what it doesn’t do. In true TC Electronic fashion the pedal is true bypass so when not engaged there is no change to your signal. When it is engaged, one can easily set the level of the pedal to match their amplifier thereby allowing them beef up their signal without adding tons of volume. And, as stated before, the pedal accurately creates the sound of great tube amp overdriven instead of just adding a ton of gain. This can be very useful for dynamic players. Just like a real tube amplifier the drive starts to clean up when you roll down the volume of your guitar or pick lightly. Overall the MojoMojo is one of the more tasteful overdrives on the market. If you’re looking for a pedal that won’t destroy your guitar tone and instead that perfect amount of Mojo this pedal is definitely for you.

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