TC Electronics Ditto Looper Review

TC Electronic Ditto Looper Review

TC Electronic Ditto Looper ReviewThis is a guest post by Tom Kay

Over the last few years I’ve been impressed time and time again by a company that are constantly releasing products that are changing the game when it comes to guitar pedals. That company is TC Electronics.

I have tried many TC pedals and currently use a couple in my own rig. One of the pedals that I just had to get was the Ditto Looper. Over the years I’ve tried and owned a few loop pedals but I’ve never really liked them. To me they’ve always been too complicated. Too many buttons, switches, lights and what seemed to me, pointless features. In terms of my own rig I like to keep things pretty simple, I haven’t got the time or patience to be tap dancing with pedals especially with pedals like loopers that can make or break your performance. Because of this I’ve tended to stay clear of them, until now.

In my opinion the TC Electronics Ditto Looper is the one looper to rule them all. It’s small in size which is great for players who have smaller pedalboards and the good news for players with bigger pedalboards is that this thing is that small that it creates room for even more pedals. In this regard everyone is a winner. But its small size doesn’t mean that its durability is thrown out of the window. This pedal is solid as a rock and you probably could throw it out of a window and it’d be ok however I still wouldn’t advise it. The Ditto Looper features just one volume control to change the volume of your loops. For me this is what makes it stand out from the sea of other loop pedals on the market. It’s simplicity in its finest form.

When it comes to using the pedal everything stays simple. Click the pedal on once and it will start recording whatever you are playing indicated by a red L.E.D light. Click the pedal again and it will play back what you have played. From that point onwards you can click it again and loop over the top of what is playing back. You can do that as much as you want up to 5 minutes. Double clicking the pedal will pause the looping and it works the same to start playback again. Most other loop pedals have caused me a real headache when trying to delete the loops I had recorded but the ‘Ditto Looper’ again is super simple. Just hold down the button and everything will disappear and create a fresh canvas for you to start throwing your melodies over it all over again.

This pedal can be tons of fun and I’ve spent hours with mine. It can also work as a great tool for writing songs on your own and figuring out parts to songs. I can’t praise this pedal enough. If you are in the market for a loop pedal, look no further.

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