analogman king of tone review

AnalogMan KING of TONE v4 Review

analogman king of tone reviewThis is a guest post by Sean Murray

I have been playing guitar since the early/mid 80’s and like you, I have had my fair share of pedals/effects, bells and whistles etc etc. None match the flexibility, power, reliability and versatility of AnalogMan’s KING of TONE v4. Please allow me to explain what I mean, and perhaps you’ll find yourself reaching out to get your own like I have.

FLEXIBILITY: This pedal is essentially two pedals in one. It features two channels, each with its own drive, volume and tone control. Each channel has three different modes, described in the power section below. The modes are set up by a 4 position DIP switch located inside the pedal, allowing the musician to play anything from the bright clean tones of funk, to the grittiness of bar room rock and roll, or the distortion needed for heavy rock. In short, this provides freedom to alter sound/tone – literally right at their feet.

POWER: When using the “normal overdrive mode (OD mode),” you will find all the tone in the world with slightly less drive than a tube screamer. “Clean mode” packs an awesome punch, and for me, fills in a nice thick rich sound you would look for when playing lead. Analog Man will tell you this channel can be twice as loud as your OD channel, but I think it can be louder. “Distortion mode” will push more drive than OD. The sound may be slightly more compressed, but will be louder than your typical tube screamer.

RELIABILITY: I’ve owned the King of Tone version 4 for approximately 3 years. Since then, I have played endless amounts of shows, been in and out of studios, and have loaned it out multiple times. Not once has there been an issue with the reliability. This pedal is extremely durable and well built. It is not a product in mass production and snapped together in haste. The folks over at Analog Man are dedicated to top quality and care into every aspect of building a high performance pedal.


VERSITILITY: These specifics lie within the KING of TONE v4 only.

  • The mode toggle switch is a three position toggle switch that sits on top of the pedal and allows you to go between OD/Clean/Distortion
  • Four Jack Option
  • High Gain Option

As you can see between the amount of room allowed on the volume/drive and tone knobs, the DIP switch settings and the above mentioned options – there is NO other conclusion that this pedal is one of the most versatile pedal in the world.

Each pedal made comes with an easy set of instructions to guide you into the sound/tone you are seeking

Honestly, I cannot say enough about how much I have gotten out of this gem of a pedal. As a musician, you will always look for new ways to stay inspired. This will help keep that insatiable urge at bay while you are learning and enjoying what the KING of TONE v4 offers.


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