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The Best Looper Pedals on the Market

Today’s article will talk about the best looper pedals available today. Also known as loop stations, these pedals make it easy for one person to create an entire song on the fly. Basically you can record yourself by pressing the pedal with your foot. When you press it again, it will keep looping back to you. You can keep adding layers on top. Its great for recording  some tasty rhythm guitar on loop to solo over. It really is a fun pedal, and has its place in a live setting as well. So lets take a look at the some of the great looper pedals out there.

Boss RC-30 Loop Station

This is one of the best loopers out there and is the ultimate for the one man band. With true-stereo, you have access to  two foot pedals that lets you play two independent loops in sync. You can record an insane amount of tracks, so layering is excellent with the RC-30. With microphone inputs added, you don’t just have to use a guitar through it. Finally there is a USB connection to save your creations, and upload wav files to add to the loop station! Not cheap at $299 US, but it is one of the best out there and cheaper then the others in this caliber. View the RC-30 on Amazon.

Digitech JamMan Stereo

As the name says, another stereo looper for a more dynamic sound. Again, this is very ideal for the solo performer, but still cool to play around wiDigitech Jam Manth at home. You can store up to 35 minutes of loops on this pedal, which is more than enough. Like the Boss RC-30, there is a USB for managing your loops on your computer. They even include a software for this purpose. Features such as reverse playback, CD-quality sound, and mic inputs makes the JamMan a very versatile pedal. View this pedal on amazon.

Best Cost Effective Option

Boss RC-3 Loop Station

The baby brother of the RC-30, the RC-3 is much more simple, yet retains the same great recording quality. Impressively, this pedal is also true stereo. Tap tempo features helps you get the beat you want in seconds, so that you’re loops are perfectly timed. It even has some drum beats so you don’t have to just play to a metronome. Very pedalboard-friendly, and with USB features like the RC-30. The RC-3 is a great option for someone who needs a good loop station without all the bells and whistles. View the Boss RC-3 on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “The Best Looper Pedals on the Market”

  1. Very nice list! Personally, I chose the Boss RC-3 when I was in the market for a looper but I’ve also used my friend’s Ditto looper and it’s AWESOME at what it does.

    I scoured Amazon’s best seller list and really weighed the features as well as the pros and cons before plunking my cash down and deciding for myself.

    Whether it’s the Ditto, Boss, or DigiTech…they’re all solid loopers it’s all about what you need and what you do with them. Cheers!

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