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SixString App for iPhone

SixString, the latest guitar-related app to hit iOS aims to connect guitarists with one another. That’s right, it is a social network just for guitarists. So why would anyone want to join it if they are already on Facebook or Twitter? Well to answer that question, I’ve seen many guitarists make guitar-related posts to their social networks that their following really could care less about. I mean, who else but a guitarist would ‘like’ a picture of your pedalboard.

This is where SixString comes in. Like Facebook, you can ‘fan’ other guitarists on this app and you’ll see their posts in your feed. This is also a good way to get yourself out there as a recognized guitarist, as the more fans you acquire, the more influence you have.

So what kind of things can you post as a guitarist to SixString?

  • Audio & Video. You can even record this within the app. This allows you to quickly post your guitar playing, or perhaps demos of your gear.
  • Pictures. You are encouraged to post pictures of your guitars, pedals, amps, etc.
  • Status Updates. Much like FB and Twitter, a great way to update your fans on things like your music, new gear, etc.

SixString can even be a great way to discover other guitarists that are interested in similar music as you. Who knows, you could even make a connection that joins you on stage with other SixString members!

In any case, if you have iPhone (or iOS), then check out this app.

How to Find SixString:

1) Go to the App Store on your iPhone

2) In the search bar, type in sixstring and it should be the first result.

Or you can download it directly from the app store here:

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