The Best Wah Pedals on the Market

Deciding on the best wah pedal is no easy task, so we are going to use the late ’60s style wah as the benchmark to recommend which wah pedals are the best on the market/are available today. Here they are..

Teese RMC-4 Picture Wah

We have had this pedal for a couple years now and it really does get that italian clyde mccoy ’60s wah sound. Very vocal with a great quack and an unmistakable vintage sound. This pedal is also true bypass to hold your original guitar tone in tact when the pedal is off. Lots of tones can be had with the picture wah when on and having the pedal sitting at any position really. Best part of this wah, is that there is a buffer so that it will work well with fuzz pedals. Read the full review of the Teese Picture Wah here.

Fulltone Clyde Wah

Another clyde mccoy remake, the Fulltone is a very popular choice for this. Great vocal quack  and does the ’60s vox sound quite well. The vintage sound is brought on by the halo inductor, but with modern additions like true bypass to accommodate the tone purists. Well built, expressive and works great with other pedals. View the Fulltone Clyde Wah on Amazon.

ChaseTone Clyde Mccoy Picture Wah Replica

While being a higher priced wah, the ChaseTone’s aim is authenticity. You are getting a real replica of a Vox Clyde Mccoy Picture Wah from the late ’60s. This includes handmade halo inductors, NOS resistors, Mullard caps, etc. So if you want a very authentic ’60s wah sound with that unmistakeable vocal quality, the Chasetone is a great option!

Arteffect Bonnie Wah

The Bonnie Wah by Arteffect is another very accurate clyde mccoy replica, and is a great choice for those who want the authentic Vox clyde mccoy ’60s sound. This is achieved with a handmade halo inductor and NOS components. The result is a vocal sound reminiscent of someone actually talking! An excellent wah if you are trying to cop Jimi Hendrix tones.

Vox V846HW Hand-Wired Wah

Screw the mass-produced circuit board wah pedals that plague the market with their sub par sound. The Vox V846 Hand-Wired Wah is here to bring the wah back to how it was, all point-to-point on a turret board. The result is a great, warm, vintage sounding wah just like the good ‘ol days, except with true-bypass for tone preservation. An excellent wah. Check it out on Amazon.

 Well there y0u have it. These are our choices for the best wah pedals out there!

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  1. The BYOC Wah kit is awesome!!!! Very tunable, similar to the Teese models. I got a drop in kit and rewired my old crybaby and it sounds AWESOME!!! Saved me some money and helped me to improve my soldering skills.

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