Best Guitar Tuners on the Market

The best guitar tuner is dependent on a few factors. Do you want it in a pedal format, or as a clip-on to the headstock? So to decide which guitar tuners are the best on the market, we will showcase them in both of these categories.

Best Guitar Tuner Pedals

TC Electronic Polytune (full review here)
The Polytune is a great tuning pedal for under $100. Some of its great features are LED lights that adjust to the lighting of the environment you are playing in, very legible screen, and a 6-string tuner (allows you to strum all strings at once to see which are out of tune). All in all, this is a great pedal, and even though it’s already pedalboard-friendly, they made an even smaller version so it will take up as little real estate as possible on your board. View the Polytune on Amazon.

Korg DT10
Very simple tuner with a rugged casing. The Korg makes the list in this category because it is quite accurate and cheap. Check it out on Amazon.

Korg  Pitchblack
One of the most preferred pedal tuners on the market. With a very simple display, it is extremely easy to tune in any lighting environment. With 4 different display modes and true bypass, this is a great tuner at a great price. Here it is on Amazon.

Boss TU-3
Under 100 bucks, the Boss maintains the reliability they do in all of their pedals. Great features include Accu-Pitch Sign which lets you know when tuning is complete, high brightness, and multiple tuning modes. View the Boss TU-3 on Amazon.

Turbo Tuner ST-200
With this strobe tuner, you can get very accurate tuning, more so than other pedals out there. Other great features are true bypass, rugged casing, and a lightening fast response. See it on Amazon.

Best Clip On Tuner

Peterson StroboClip Tuner
Clips right on to the headstock of your guitar, the StroboClip is a strobe tuner for the most accurate clip-on tuner available. With 360 rotating pivot points, it is easy to make the screen face you no matter how you hold the guitar. View it on Amazon.

Intellitouch Tuner
Features include backlight, multiple tuning modes, lifetime warranty, and works with any acoustic instrument. See it on Amazon.

Korg AW-2G Tuner
Well priced, easy to read, and cool looking! Adjusts to any angle and has a back-lit display. View it on Amazon.

Well there you have it, these are the best guitar tuners on the market!

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  1. I go for the boss tu2 . A big use of this pedal for me is I do some instrument Changes onstage, guitar, elec mandola, elec mandolin. I foot switch the tuner in, then I can unplug the jack out of the guitar quietly, plug in another instrument, and put the sound back on.

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