The Best Reverb Pedals on the Market

Today’s article is to help you find the best reverb pedal available today. People are always looking for that lush, vibrant, full-of-depth reverb that sounds very organic. Here at Guitar Tone Talk, we’ve tried a ton of reverb pedals and have narrowed it down to these top 5. Here is our choices…

1) Demeter RVB-1 Reverbulator Reverb

The most organic sounding reverb we have heard! Why? Well its because this pedal is real spring reverb! Thats right, loaded with two Accutroincs 3 spring short reverb tanks, this is real reverb. Coupled with the analog circuitry, this reverb is very natural. The pure reverb from the 60s that we all love is done insanely well by the Reverbulator.

2) Blackstar HT-REVERB Tube Reverb

With the addition of a 12AX7 Tube, this reverb really adds those subtle harmonics reminiscent of reverbs from the past. The result is very lush, organic-sounding verb. This pedal really shines in a live setting, utilizing the 12AX7 tube to make the reverb sound more 3-dimensional. In addition, they added a pretty cool reverse reverb setting. View this pedal on Amazon.

3) T-Rex Engineering RoomMate Reverb

Another tube-driven verb, the RoomMate has that very warm reverb. Some of the characteristics to describe the sound of it would be sweet, rich, and earthy. When I say earthy, I really mean that it sounds very natural, rather then digital. In addition to your typical spring, room, and hall reverb, they’ve added an LFO setting, which adds some chorus to the signal. This pedal is outstanding and could be number one on this list. View this pedal on Amazon.

4) Eventide Space Reverb

Although a huge price tag, this reverb definitely has a place on this list. It is probably one of the most feature-loaded verbs out there, and used by many big musicians, it has certainly made its name. There are literally 12 different types of reverb in this pedal, and with 100 factory presets, its sure to give you a ton of different sounds to satisfy any tweaker. In addition the Space Reverb adds controls for delay, pitch-shifting, tremolo, and modulation. View this pedal on Amazon.

5) VanAmps Reverbamate Reverb

The VanAmps Reverbamate is an all analog spring reverb. Covered in a tweed casing, the Reverbamate has two inputs, one dry and one wet to mix to your liking. This also makes it a great studio reverb, though its excellent for live as well. With a 3-spring reverb tank, the sound is the pinnacle of vintage verb. A great thing about the Reverbamate is that it doesn’t roll off the highs like most reverbs. While not a ton of bells and whistles, this pedal really allows you to shape the overall reverb, while maintaining the integrity of your original guitar tone. View this pedal on Amazon.

Well there you have it, the best reverb pedals available today. Any of these pedals will give you incredible reverb that pure and rich.

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  1. What about Carl Martin Headroom? It’s all analog, too, and in many reviews and forums, many people consider it better than Van Amps and even Reverbulator.

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