Vintage Tone at a Decent Price?

Two of my favorite amps of all time would most likely be a a late 60s Marshall Superlead, and a late 50s Fender Tweed Bassman Combo, both incredible amps at the pinnacle of amazing tone. However if one were looking to acquire either of these vintage amps today, a lot of money would need to be at disposal.  I’m talking upwards to 10 grand. Do you have 10 grand lying around to purchase maybe even 1 of these amps? If so, I say do it and you won’t be sorry. But if these prices are too high for you, there is another option to retain vintage tone at prices that won’t break the bank.

So that brings me to talk about Traynor Amplification. They are a Canadian amp maker that has been around since the early days with Fender and Marshall, and were  creating similar amps at the time, using similar components that would be period correct. Is a vintage Traynor better than a vintage Fender or Marshall? No, but they do have great tone that retains that vintage vibe.

Traynor in the ’60s created the YBA-1 Bassmaster, which would be similar to a plexi or bassman. When I’ve played this amp before with some good vintage celestions, the tone was actually quite amazing. And the best part, these vintage amps are selling for around $500 today!

So I would suggest to you that if you want vintage tone at an affordable cost, check out some old Traynor amps.

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