Earthquaker Devices Organizer Review

The moment I saw the PGS demo for the Earthquaker Devices Organizer, I was immediately intrigued. The fact that you can make your guitar sound like an organ got me thinking that I could play some Doors songs without a real Vox Continental. So without further redo, here’s my review..

Okay so this pedal has a lotta knobs. Lets do a quick run down:

Up – Controls the upper octave
Down – Controls the lower octave
Choir – Multi-Octave blend, aka more churchy
Lag – Delay time between dry and affected signal
Tone – dark or bright
Direct – Controls guitar signal volume

So, is this a great pedal? Well, I only own analog pedals and this is my first pedal with digital circuitry. Yes, thats right, this pedal is that good that I bought it even though its not all analog! That should say alot.

So lets talk about sound. You can easily get a hammond organ kind of sound, or complete church bells. Then you can get some completely weird sounds when you really implement the lag knob. I personally prefer it as a B3 Hammond sound as I love the blues. I was playing some green onions in no time. Very cool sounding pedal. Even though its new, it feels remnant of the past. You can get some very eerie, horror-movie-esqe sounds as well.

So I really really recommend this pedal, as it is definitely staying on my board. View the EQD Organizer on Amazon.

EarthQuaker Devices Organizer Sound Clips:

Blues Organ with a Strat

Awesome Settings on the EarthQuakerDevices Organizer:

Hammond B3 Organ:

Up:  Full
Down: Full
Choir: Off
Lag: Off
Tone: to taste
Direct: Anywhere between half and full

Church Organ:

Up: Full
Down: Full
Choir: Full
Lag: None or a little
Tone: to taste
Direct: Anywhere between half and full

Crazy, insane futuristic past:

Up: Full
Down: Full
Choir: Full
Lag: Full
Tone: to taste
Direct: Full

7 thoughts on “Earthquaker Devices Organizer Review”

  1. Nice review. Came from the gear page. I’ll have to check out those settings. Don’t limit yourself to analog pedals thought, as you found out there’s some seriously killer stuff in the digital realm.

    1. Yes I’m seeing some very good digital pedals, but in my experience, I’ve gotten better sounds out of analog pedals. If another digital comes along that is amazing, I’m sure I’d get it. Thanks for reading!

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